Sunday, April 15, 2012

To Ueno - food first.

Day at Ueno for flower viewing! But putting up the food pics first because uh, there's too many.

Flowers!!!!! But fake one orz. I realised the colour of the flowers is the same as my background lol
And panda! which can only mean one thing: We're in ueno. Coz ueno zoo is here.

This atré shopping mall is everywhere, located at train stations. Supposedly a word derived from a French word "attrait" that means "alluring"??? Ok useless fact. I'm more tickled by the name "Free's Shop" on the left.

Sushi time! Decided to eat first before the sun sets >_> The row of 穴子 (anago sushi) (sea eel) so tempting. What you call unagi are the freshwater variant.

And you have me with a gluttony face waiting to pounce on the anagosss.

The plates amazingly lined up in a zig zag manner whenever the sushi chef stopped them from moving and stuffed more plates in between. I was waiting for the tension to break at the point where it couldn't be stuff any more… and then all flip upwards (into our waiting mouths).

Still-unsatisfied look.

寒鰤 (kan buri) (cold yellowtail)!!

It's very good right now coz it's fatty. Fish fats are good for you!
And i really recommend this 元祖寿司 (ganso sushi) "sushi go-round restaurant". Reasonably priced for big fresh portions. Some of the cheaper chains have really dry fish. Don't really like.

Eyeing moar fish.

Wah the plates so high. But the point is, MY BOMBE sounds like MY BOMBAY. L size some more. Not so funny when you know japanese because bombe (from German) is what they call a (gas) cylinder.
So they have their very own dedicated cylinder of gas, joining the status of MYHOME, MYCAR, MYBOOM. These are real Japanese-English words. Once i even heard a MYDENSHA = my train. Must be nice to be so rich.

I am looking eagerly at what comes next. My favourite sushi, engawa!! The fins of halibut(?) I rather call it flatfish. Cheap and yummy. Do try this! It has got a oily milky taste.

I would like to say that these were the amount of what we ate.

g loves the negitoro (negi = spring onions. toro = tuna). Cold and fresh. And the seaweeds wrapping around the rice were so crispy.

Our sushi chef here needs a parrot on his shoulder to complete the look :x At first, from the back looking at the strings looping around his ears, g thought he was wearing a face mask. Then he turned around and, OH.

In one of the ueno alleys, there is a shop called choo-choo-hodo (to the extent of choo-choo??) (WHAT?) selling bubble tea! I couldn't resist. Had to buy.

Oh they sell korean food! Let's see, toppogi, seafood toppogi and kalbi toppogi. OKAY.

And the drinks they offer. "Fruit juice and tapioca". Bubble tea is known as tapioca here. Very funny. It refers to the pearls but my mind can only conjure the image of the unprocessed starchy root, not those pearly balls.
When i first heard of it, i thought it meant the coconut milk dessert with chunks of 蕃薯.

The coconut milk tea with pearls. I still miss gongcha!!
Another mystery: Why is this "uncle joe" and not "choo-choo-hodo" >_>???? They ran out of cups issit?

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