Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hanami at Yoyogi park

Went to quite a few places for hanami (flower viewing) this year, taking the opportunity to visit since g was here. The usual crowded public parks like ueno and yoyogi and some other smaller ones, including private(?) gardens that are opened to us commoners. We just have to part with a small fee to enter and enjoy the surroundings ^^;

Took way too many photos and now am having a terrible time sorting out which are post-able. Shall start with yoyogi first, even though chronologically, ueno was the first we went. But I already randomly clicked on the folder and started arranging/editing them, so it shall do.

Also, we went to both parks slightly too early; at the first stage of blossoming. So most of the trees were still in bud stage orz. Didn't have time to do a revisit during the full bloom period though. The rest of the visits had really pretty sights though since they were in full bloom. By the way, tomorrow's supposedly the start of 桜吹雪 (flower blizzard) where the petals start scattering. Another beautiful event in the wind.

Rock 'n' Roll dance at the entrance.

Another group of Rock 'n' Roll beside them. '60s music?

A man pantomimes. It didn't look very interesting after watching a bit….
And there were kids having group ds session at the side. Um, so they come to the park to play console games?

This dog caused quite a commotion. It was so huge!! I imagine Sirius Black to be like this.

More street artistes.

Couldn't hear what they were singing.

Big group of students (they look young enough) sitting around and singing.

And the bubbling begins. Maybe they making cheesy MV.

Blue sky, happy picnics and bare trees. What more can you ask for?

Two rows of park goers. Having bento lunch or just enjoying the breeze.

This duo attracted a large group of people to their act.

A drumming group.

Oh food! But wait. It says they sell ばくだん (B-O-M-B) on the banners.

The queue to the makeshift toilet was unbelievably long. And it didn't smell until you went inside. According to g, singapore ones have that "fragrance" even when you stand near it. I guess the cold air helps.

Crows and blue sky.

Cute little boy throws stones into the lake(?) and runs away. Repeats action.

One of the rare twigs with flowers.

Most of them were still in this state.

Drunk man and his friend shaking the dead weight up. But it's only the afternoon and he's like that already???

More dangly branches.

They look almost like those plastic flowers on cakes lol.

More buds, more luck.

It is not just sakura that are in bloom.

A grouchy cat on a tree. He sick of people taking pics of him.

A line forming at the men's toilet. Haven't seen that before.

An old couple under a tree. lovely.

More merry making on another side of the park.

I think it would be a very beautiful sight when the trees are in full blossom.

Taking a pic since I'm here.


Looks like a different species. shrugs.

On the stem-y part.

Too high up for me to grab.

Boy looks like he's lost. He's crying!

Oh hi little boy, why are you alone?

Using the bigger lens. Damn it's heavy. Shaky hands ^^;

Setting sun's in my face again -__-

While we were walking out, this guy from a performing group posed for me when I turned my lens towards him.

Merged two photos with some simple ps-ing hehehe. Now he's sitting on the correct side that I want.

Pretending not to notice the camera LOL

So winterish even though it's spring.

Man with his dogs. Feel like putting the dog's pink ribbons on his hair instead.

Outside, at the bridge, there were some cosplayers standing around.

This reminds me of spawnily somehow. Don't ask me why.

Their doll! Kinda cute.

Tower/Building at a distance.

Right outside Harajuku station.

Was still in manual focus when this man with the chinese fan/peacock hair appeared again!! I thought of those actors/props/costumes on stage in Lion King when i saw him.

Even pigs know.

Taking a pic of a man taking a pic of the Takeshita Street sign.

Every tourist's must-go place.

Fwah. Had to walk through all these people. Luckily this wasn't summer.

Dinner at my favourite Sukiya!! This spicy peppery gyudon was good, I recommended to g.

The curry+gyudon set was good too. But the portion was a bit too big.

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