Thursday, May 3, 2012

Danbo at Akihabara!

Very nice plants outside my neighbours' houses ^^

This seems to form the number 8.

They had a branch of sakura sprouting flowers. I didn't know you could plant cherry flowers from a branch.

Discovered a one-coin (Y500) lunch place at Akihabara. We were there to change my phone! Yay. Surprisingly, the restaurant was quite empty even at lunch time. Or was it after lunch hours =_= Only a few otaku looking guys at a table and some old people at other corners. Probably all were here for the cheap food, and not to mention the free flow rice and miso. Eat full full, last whole day. Kinda sad to see the old people eating like this to survive. Where's the family to cook for them. Anyway, food was not 半端 (hanpa) at all! Shall put this in my list of cheap-and-good-places :9

Forgot what this korean actor's name is.

As usual, he likes fried stuff :x Jumbo chicken katsu or something, iirc. I stole the crispy end when he offered :p

My ginger pork. Seems like the only thing i eat….

Breaking my egg into a bowl before mixing into my rice to make TKG or "Tamago Kake Gohan" (rice with egg placed on it). Yes it's raw and fresh!!

okay this looks bit weird. Like onna :x

Fanboys queuing up to enter AKB48 cafe downstairs.

With Danbo!!!!! :DDDD I want to take her home!

Oh! His [three] Goddesses!

Many small tanks, but i don't understand.

Is this like erm.. Gundam? :x

Enough of these otaku activities which we spent the whole day doing. Want to buy but will end up as dust collectors eventually. Hungry for dinner already.

Decided on something light: soba. See the fried tempura behind again lol.

And a plate of gyoza (again!) to share.

Halfway through the soba, i bite into something plasticky and we called the waitress over coz he insisted on changing. I thought just throw away can already :x

The waitress was very apologetic and then the manager(?) also came over to say sorry and say they would give me a new bowl. (not free meal? HAHAHA) Not enjoying the fuss over a piece of plastic, but at least it wasn't like discovering… half an insect in your food.

And so I ended up with more soba to eat =____=

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