Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seems like I haven't been writing anything nowadays. Since becoming a second year student and thus turning into a senpai to the year ones, it feels as if I had more work to do, more stuff to learn, more things to juggle. My pieces suddenly became difficult on a totally different level. Everyday my life just revolves around school, school and more school. Practise, practise and more practise. Even on holidays, the practise never stops. My recent trip back to sg to avoid the summer heat wasn't that relaxing after all as I imagined it to be. But at least, I got to go home and spend time with family and friends, and of course g ^^v

For quite a while, I have been entertaining the thought of packing up and going back to singapore, for a few reasons. I admit i'm rather tired of the whole "foreign student living in a foreign country" thing now. After the trip back, I realised no matter how many good friends you have here in another country, you're still alone. Nothing can compare to being at home with your loved ones. I must be getting old to think like this. But the biggest reason being the worry I constantly have hanging at the back of my mind, knowing mama is all alone in the house and if anything happens, I can't do anything here. The recent incident she had magnified my fear. And it was only until I was back and my aunt told me about it then I knew :( Dad is across the ocean working and while he was supposed to be retiring this year, the company wanted him to stay for another two years more overseeing the branch/factory. While we may get additional income which is good in a way, I would rather he come back and spend time with mama. Well, we only have a pair of parents and they won't be there forever waiting for you to show your love to.

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