Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sid evolution

I know I haven't been writing anything oops.
Just wanted to post this coz it's kinda interesting.

Some people might have heard of シド (Sid) through the recent Sadako 3D movie which they provided the theme song. I first heard of them years ago through an indies rotation journal. Back then I thought they were just another rock band with relatively catchy tunes. And then I found out today that way before they were more famous and signed up with a label, they were doing this (below).  It was known as 喪服時代  (period of mourning attire) for them because they were always in black and white costumes. The musical style was... wow. Screamo punk?

And then fast forward to 2012 their latest song, VIP, which is used as the opening theme for the anime Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

What a drastic change from the origins of their band!

I guess as indies groups become more integrated into mainstream, they have the need to change style and sing songs that appeal to the general public and not to just a niche group like they did in the past. Probably also pressured into doing so by their recording agency. Maybe it's a good thing, they may lose some of the original punk fans and gain new rock fans. Or current rock fans may dig deeper into their punk origin and start to appreciate punk music.

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