Friday, June 28, 2013


Just found out through yotsumoto, a senior, that this other year four senior that I dislike (moya), has been targeting me romantically since i was year one omg. She will stalk me and "report" to yotsumoto every time she sees me, my every movement, who i'm with, and gets angry when i'm friendly with other girls etc. This is so creepy. Apparently moya even told yotsumoto that she will make me hers -_________-

Hahahaha. I see. You try lor.

I think i'll delete her off facebook and block her. Already blocked her LINE some time ago though :x Heard more horrible tales about moya and it's no wonder quite a number of people want to stay far far away from her.

P/s long story why i dislike moya and even longer story why yotsumoto san only told me now when i'm in year three. It involves many side characters and events leading up to the current concert preparation/rehearsals. Most probably boring and confusing to the uninitiated. 

But I have only one thing to say: 女はやっぱ恐ろしいものだ! So glad I bat for the other team phew.

Your personality makes you look like this to me.

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