Sunday, April 29, 2012

To Ueno - the rest.

Onward to ueno park!

ooo nice flowers!!

Love the splashes of pinks and whites. ok they actually look like tissue paper balls.

Not forgetting to do our part for the environment during such events.

Sad that i couldn't find Engrish here.

Through the many toriis.

The obasan with the funky hair. Me standing there as a decoy.
Wanted to use the instagram pic instead but the obasan's cropped out. so… nah.

Found a really nice tree with full blossom!!

So pwetty *_*

Forgot to crop that man at the bottom left out.

Reaching for the sky. Blue sky = less moisture in atmosphere = good weather. Right?

Pretending that we're at some castle when it's actually just a shrine booth where they sell stuff LOL

From the other side.

Kinda funny photo of people taking pics of the tree.

Applied a few filters to this photo and i think i like this green one best.

Nice perspective view of the shrubby fence.

And at the same time while this was taken, boorish chinese people who just barged through us without saying excuse me and started talking loudly and snapping photos away. Typical!

Another shot against the beautiful tree (just to make sure have enough good shots lol)

Made one round to the other side of the toori. Turn around, turn around!


Shrine cat in the grass xD

I think i was having an attempt at dancing >_>

Many ground sheets were laid to "chope" the best seats.

The tree, very tall. The crow, very big.

Refreshments: vanilla and green tea (while doing some people watching)

In this tiny little hole, your happiness is…
I tried to stifle my giggles. Really.

A mini library at the train station!!?

Please return after reading.
If this were in sg, maybe empty shelves already.

Bought "ekiben" for dinner to share. Supposed famous bento from the town of Yonezawa.

It was so nice. I didn't want to share!!! T_T

I hope he doesn't kill me for this :x

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