Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tokyo in a few months (continue)

2nd picture dump continuing~

Trying to deposit a whole stack of money and it got stuck -_- Of all machines, of all days, why me.
Could hear the staff behind the machine accessing it and taking out my bankbook and money.
Yikes now they know how much I don't have in the bank.
Anyway, it makes me imagine if there's anyone sitting behind every ATM, counting and dispensing money to you lol

At the rilakkuma shop, saw these. I think lynn will like them?

Aren't they cute?

It was the day of the setsubun, a bean throwing festival, celebrating the 1st day of spring, on 3rd Feb. Basically, the japanese tradition new year. On this day ehomaki (恵方巻)(this sushi roll thing) is eaten apart from throwing fortune beans at an ogre while saying "demons out! luck in!".

Ehomaki is eaten in silence, facing a particular lucky direction, determined by the zodiac symbol of that year. I say it's just gimmicky to sell more sushi :x

But for the fun of it, I bought one to try. Actually quite tasty haha.

A bunch of receipts waiting to be documented and cleared.
I must not procrastinate next time .__.

A bowl of korean ginseng soup i boiled and on facebook, lynn's mother said it's monkey head i'm eating orz

I love this meiji strawberry milk. Think this was dinner for one of those days where I go home late...

One photo i took long ago when i still had coloured hair.

Did I mention that this melon pan (bread) is super nice? Even danbo wants to have it.

A pic of my phone. Changed to au from docomo coz cheaper :p
I still prefer the galaxy s2 which is now available for au though. damn…

My lovely natto. If it has expired, would it make it fresher and yummier?

A very big block of meiji chocolate. How to finish?!

Love the pun on the label of the beef hamburger patty! Seldom do we see such creative food labels.

A bunch of side dishes i got to mix with my rice.

Received this hand made v day chocolate cake from Asumi. So tasty!
Also had cookies from Chikako but i forgot to take pics. Also very nice ^^

The double bass is so big it has its own travelling wheels.

During out trio rehearsal the next day.

On the same day, another surprise, from Chika. The packaging quite lovely!

Inside. More handmade sweets! I think they are trying to fatten me up…
Am i supposed to reciprocate the act on 14th March, White Day, yet another one of those marketing crap people come up with to make money from consumers? (but it falls on the stretch of spring break :x)

Surprised that they don't come with straws. All the goodness at the bottom can't scrape off even after shaking :/

No idea what sensei meant by this bit of Engrish. Asked her to explain and she also don't know why she wrote that orz

Snapped a piano string while practising. Guess I was playing too furiously :/

Ending with a pic of myself. I think i have grown a fatter face :O

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