Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tokyo in a few months.

Forecast says tonight is going to snow until tomorrow (yay!) and we can expect a depth of 1-2cm for Tokyo central (-_-;) Firstly, 2cm?? Even Kanagawa is getting a good 20cm! Secondly, the weather is really getting mad. At this time of the year, snow is really unexpected. Makes me wonder if it's really paving for the end of the world Mayan style. Oh nos.

And speaking of snow, I recall that I have tons of pics i have taken and posted all over the place like twitter and instagram but never properly archiving them.

So… here they are ^^

It snowed kinda heavily on chinese new year.

Everyone's going back.

Wearing what i call the "Zelda Link boots" ^^ CANT WALK ON ICE GREAT.

The trees must be cold.

Roads frozen for the week or so. Hard to walk.


Flying everywhere that i have snow in my mouth. Like having free ice shaving dessert.

Foot prints. Which I can't rememember if they were mine or what...

Love this. So quiet and peaceful looking.

My umbrella filled with snow.

Clarence said something about without seeing the author in pics, it seems less personal.
So nah, I throw in a random pic of me.

The next day, they mysteriously pile up nicely at one side.
Even the snow here have good manners /lame

No curry sauce here (sigh!) but there's this kinda spicy buffalo sauce.
And there's 5 instead of 6 pieces as depicted on the box. Noooo why!!! Damn cheat one -.-

Was reading and this made me chuckled. Can guess how long ago the story was written…

Went for an interview and earned some easy money by just answering questions.
Met up with Yatabe sensei who has returned to japan. Or rather, i should address her as an ex-co-worker since she wasn't teaching me. So, what else but to eat chicken rice again? xD This time at a nicer place which i think was the restaurant that catered for the chicken rice at the sg embassy student lunch thingy i attended.

I only wish it were roasted chicken instead ^^;

Desserts were bubur chacha and pulut hitam with vanilla. Had to google for the malay name from "black glutinous rice" and i now learn that bubur means porridge in malay and cha cha is supposedly from hokkien cheche for plentiful orz. So it's not a type of dance???

On the night where there is a total eclipse of the heart moon. Or rather, known as 皆既月食 here.
I was looking like an suspicious person, standing alone in the carpark aiming the camera at the moon and trying not to shout "Moon Cosmic Power Make Up!!" like sailormoon.

And this is what i stood in the cold for. I feel a surge of energy. Think i gained superhuman power from it.

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