Friday, March 2, 2012

Sir, your instant yakisoba is ready~

Today was a rather warm day. I could hear the snow melting as I got out of the house.
Went down to shinjuku to seal the deal. No, i'm not selling myself(!) but to sign the 2 year contract for the new apartment. Hope the place will be as pleasant to live in as here. The agent was really nice. He offered to help me settle the mover's date, the gas, water, electricity and internet set up. So kind can?! I think i must have presented myself as helpless as possible for him to do that ^^;; Then he asked if i frequent places like shibuya/harajuku, whether i drink or not, and weirdest of all, do i intend to look for a gf here. Perhaps trying to make conversation, coz i don't see how they were related to what I was there at the little office for… *scratch head*

Lunch was at a random sushi shop. Was deciding between sushi and ichiran ramen and sushi won only because I haven't had it for a long time… since 2011 May and it was in Singapore when i went back for holiday. Calling g to ask for opinion didn't work coz his viber wasn't on -_- In retrospect, i think ramen would have been cheaper :x

My favourite sushi. Engawa!!! I donno how to describe, but it has a delicate milky taste to me, yummy.
If you have a chance to see this on a sushi menu, order it!

This yaki salmon was also very good, in taste and price. i had two plates.
I mean it's quite good value, 3 pieces compared to the usual 2 pieces. And the cheapest plate colour some more.

I think today must be the day where I have the least plates of sushi in my life.
The man beside me only had 4 plates and he left. I felt very self conscious.
Immediately, I was reminded of the sad state of my wallet, so i stopped at the 5th or 6th plate.
AND it still cost 1100 yen ($17)!!
Imagine if I had gone on and on eating… *shudders*

On the way back, I saw this unbelievable thing.
"YAKISOBAR", an instant noodle bar that sells one bowl of yakisoba for 200 yen.

Staff: "This is too embarrassing. Another one of those gaijin taking picture of us."

Some of them were holding kettles which i wondered if they were just props or did they really contain hot water… So now! You can enjoy instant yakisoba like some gourmet here with the waitresses serving you politely~ Feels like the concept of instant noodles is being taken apart and repackaged. They should come up with a maid cafe version too. Otakus will love it LOL

Here's a video of it!

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