Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twenty Six of Them

Mid-long entry ahead. These were random photos, a selected 26, taken after the day of the trip down to kameari until today, and tweeted :x But tweeting doesn't look like it stores for reference. So might as well post them up. Wanted to entitle it "A normal week in Tokyo" but it's more than a week. Argh. forget it then lol!
And I still have a day of bbq pics not done yet. Sighs.

Spotted this when i entered the restroom. Plucking your head off and kicking it. Fun.

One of the typical lunch sets I have everyday. i get so sick eating them all the time T_T So cold and hard...
I know it's nice. But try having it for weeks or months.

Was too lazy to copy so I snapped a pic of this. It's crazy.

Free music as I was going home. Stayed around for a while coz there was some cutie among the audience and i was looking in that direction instead :x

New tea shop opened at my place. Opening discount! I love tea!

Sad一人ご飯@Mac. Is there prawn burger in your local McDonalds? The prawns quite puripuri!

I tried one of the two teas i bought. Really good. Must go get the mango oolong tea when i finish.

Luggage + Hamamatsucho station = Feeling of going back home.
But too bad it was empty. I was just there to collect some food stuff dad got his subordinates to pass to me. Supposedly 10kg of them. They felt extra heavy when you have to carry them up and down stairs!

Ippudo's 2nd flavour instant ramen out! This time a collaboration with another famous chain. I didnt post pic of the 1st flavour right… Will remember to do so.

Jojoen, a famous yakiniku shop often patronised by famous tv people, came out with their own bento! Packaging looks like an eki-ben right? (eki-ben = bento one buys at train stations and eats on trains)
I love my sugarless gogo no koucha red tea. Only in japan (and perhaps china) they can sell real tea and still earn money and not sugared water labelled as tea.

The sauce + meat. Heavenly.

This. Please try if you see it selling. VERY GOOD. Suntory's sweet plum drink. Very refreshing. This was my third bottle :x

Someone left this box in one corner beside me. I wonder what instrument's hiding inside. Mysterious boxes make me imaging nasty stuffs.

Coco Ichibanya's takeaway lunch. Really good. Does the Coco Ichibanya in singapore provide takeaways like this?

Drunk man posing for the morning at the station after a night of drinking. Probably took the first train home and knocked out already. He's the best already. Some look worse. But still, みっともない. Seriously, there's too many such cases here. Donno what's the problem.

I am LOL-ing this. A real recording company. It does leave an impression though, at least for those who understand.

Bought kit-kats since i was peckish. And i couldn't resist trying the marron one!! Kitkat seldom goes wrong. Unless it's the chili or wasabi or soy sauce ones… :x

One of the days where i wore my favourite robot out.

Accident at station. No go. Waited for 1hr inside train and still stuck.

So took taxi coz there's no other train that goes home nor did they provide alternate bus for us! The wait made me missed my gym wtf!

Passing by the second last station to my apartment. I hesitated to look at the fare.

Final fare. *Ting Ting Ting!!* About $91 gasp! :x

Cabbage patch outside my window across the road growing fine.

Was having cravings for ohsho gyoza. This diy ohsho gyoza shall do.

It didn't look too bad right?

Bought pumpkin roll cake and pumpkin soy milk (no pic) in "celebration" of Pumpkin Day.
The pumpkin soy milk was weird but the cake wasn't bad! And i feel pathetic I'm at home and not dressed up for some party hur hur.

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