Sunday, October 30, 2011


Singapore ranks top in this global ranking of Top 20 Countries With Highest Proportion of Millionaires

It feels like cheating because it is in terms of proportion of millionaire households by market. Smaller country will easily have higher percentages, no?

But what caught my eye was that they failed to use a proper pic for United States lol. Must have google-searched for a quick pic.

See below:

Rainbow Bridge in background. You can even see Tokyo Tower further back.

Yes, there is a statue of liberty replica in Japan presented by the French as a symbol of international cultural exchange. (Actually hundreds of them all over the world). And funny how it has became the icon for United States when it was again, originally given to them from France.

Anyway... shows the editor or whoever's overseeing the article failed to proofread photos. Haiyo. Just saying.


  1. Tot it was quite obvious that that pic is not US since the statue is on its own island and there isn't a bridge to it.

    What shoddy work. tsk

  2. Maybe the person who wrote the article was outsourced from india. Never seen america, like me.


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