Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Far and away.

Speaking of dream vacations, the last time mine was kinda simple. It was to spend a month or two in Japan, not as a tourist who only has like an average of seven days and has to force yourself wake up bloody early every morning, walk until your feet all blistered just to go explore around and end up getting tired and become grouchy due to a lack of proper rest from the vacation, you just want it to end fast. What I wanted to do was to stay long enough, immerse myself into the culture, absorb as much sights and smells as possible. Eat lots of nice food. Buy lots of stuff. Take lots of photos. So now that i'm here for more than that, did i even achieve that? Certainly not the "eat lots of nice food" :x

Dream vacation? Yeap, the real people on the beach are all behind the cordon separating them away for this picture perfect scene.

Anyway, my current dream vacation is boring. When people say vacation, it usually conjures images of villas, sun, palm trees and beach with hotties everywhere, right? Right?? But I just want to go home for a long long holiday! This is so wtf haha Once a singaporean always a singaporean -_-;; I guess if craving for sg food wasn't an issue, then anywhere is fine as long I can have somebody to spend the vacation with. I don't even mind going for a domestic travel within japan itself, go visit the different museums (japan is a museum heaven!), stay at some inaka place, considering that it's relatively big, soak in onsen (done), go ski (done, but badly). But everything aside, priority must have internet connection hor! And it would be great because I don't even need to make myself all red in the face with heaving a huge luggage from one country to another because all my things are already here. I can really travel lightly :x What is your dream vacation?


  1. I would like to go to places where I never go.
    Do a lot of things I never do before.
    Very much like what you said in the post.
    But for sure, I wont make plan for my vacation. I like to let things unfold on their own. and I just enjoy those "unexpected" moments

  2. oh. So "somebody" can be just anybody. :(


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