Sunday, July 17, 2011

moar DH2 stuffs!

For you to re-live the moments! (and some behind the scenes)
Watch them before it gets taken down, for whatever reason :O

ABC Family and xFinity released several new clips and features on DH2, including when the trio meeting the DA in the Room of Requirement, McGonagall ordering the Hogwarts statues to protect the castle, the trio in Gringotts, and a feature on Harry vs. Voldemort.

Various battle scenes at Hogwarts.

In Gringotts ready to escape. Hermione has a brilliant plan.

Returning to Hogwarts and meeting the DA in the Room of Requirement.

I love this. McGonagall ordering the Hogwarts statues to protect the castle! "I've always wanted to use that spell". Mrs Weasley's wtf look on the face is priceless.


The rest, seven videos of behind the scenes B-rolls released by WB! A ton of spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie yet :O The footage is amazing! Fans MUST WATCH. Movie magic!

The snakes on the door to the Chamber of Secrets really move!!

In the Room of Requirement, search for the diadem + Fiendfyre.

Gringotts scene again. The high speed "cart" never actually moves LOLLLL
Kinda funny to see a whole bunch of them waving their wands silently and vigorously and nothing happening. Like zombie dance. Acting is difficult :O

Scene between Mrs Weasley and Bellatrix!! NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU… WHAT? Didnt she scream it onscreen?

Voldymoldy's voice is different(?) when he's broadcasting. The sai Boathouse scene :(

More battle scenes from various angles that one will tend to miss in the movie!! The castle statue wears green body suit LOL

The Coward Scene!!! Snape's wand dropped and he posed for kungfu?? hahahaa. We get to see it from different angles yum. But he didnt change into a bat :x
Was the one who came in through the door after the Order, Percy? Was it in the movie?

I really want to go watch again!

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