Saturday, July 16, 2011

The end of the journey.

The following chunks contain mild spoilerish stuff for DH2. Well.. if you have never read the book, it's considered spoiler la.

Deathly Hallows Part 2 was greeeeeaaat. Bit different from the book (expected) but it was still good as a movie. I think it's the best! i want to watch again. I want to watch part 1
and 2 at one go T_T

A sense of satisfaction came over me after it ended, like, finally, a good end. But it also felt like there's nothing (book-to-movie series) to look forward to every year anymore as it struck me that this would be the last one I'd ever be seeing. Unless they make the second Percy Jackson better!! The first movie was quite bad that it butchered the story…… :/

The Prince's Tale was so sad that rin was right when she said have to bring tissues :x It was more horrible than i imagined when reading the book. Even though we we didn't see anything, but Nagini's attack was so violent that i jumped every time i heard his body hit the windows. Nevertheless, the flashback scenes were a big payoff after seven movies of being labelled and hated as a villain.

Overheard two ladies when we were streaming out saying that they couldn't get some parts coz part 1 was shown so long ago and they didn't show it on tv. Should have watched it again to refresh the memory before watching part 2, one of them said. The other thought Snape was Harry's father. Big LOL.

My movie ticket. I should get it framed up huh loll.

Give me your blood, so says pokemon look alike blood donation mascot.

Got mirror, so what's the best thing to do? Take pic lor! Never mind if it's ugly :x

Went to the supermarket to get groceries and saw fresh wasabi enjoying a cold water bath. Fresh real wasabi are very nice! Fibrous and sharp and.. fresh. The ones you eat at "cheap" japanese places, those aren't made from real wasabi. They are just coloured horseradish. If u need to ask/pay for it, it's probably real. Luckily right? Would be a blasphemy to go stir real wasabi into soy sauce like how uninitiated people do for those cheap wasabi paste: concocting a foul looking brew until it looks like sewage and happily marinating all sorts of seafood inside :x

This is quite nice! Do you have it flavour in sg?

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