Friday, July 15, 2011

A day out at Roppongi.

Attended akiya sensei's jazz performance at roppongi with une on sunday. The place quite posh, but it's an office building :x And the view is really good at night! Didn't want to go alone, so asked her if she wanted to join me or not. Y3000 per ticket T_T Pay so much and got no free wine to drink :x Must pay another Y1000 per glass. Booboo.

You know what this is? A realllly huge lift, it's like one of those cargo lifts without the funky smell. No, more like a walk in closet! Or if you're really poor, a 4-tatami-sized-one-room apartment :x And there are four of them. Like there's so much human traffic (lol human trafficking?) in this building huh! I just wish they could have a lift like this in school at the #1 block!

I asked une to stand somewhere to show the space comparison and she "squeeze" herself there in the corner, like some sort of ghost -_-;;

Took the lift up to the 24th floor and changed to another one that brought us further up. See how spacious the door is. The biggest debu can walk in without saying excuse me (to the lift door).

The view on the 24th floor as we bought drinks at the vending machine.

Looks nice, but bloody hot outside.

We were the first to go in *kiasu foreigners* and took the first row centre-ish seats so that we could scrutinise sensei's fingers later :x

Tokyo Tower just "beside" us! I've never seen it at this distance and height. Usually it's directly below or too far away. OK. i cheated. I pulled it closer by zooming. But that's what lens are for wad.

It was actually, like this. Too many messy things and with that construction crane thing in the foreground. Is that the moon i see at the top in the sky?? Not fingerprint right?

The second half of the live performance. They lifted the shades. Not sure if can take pic or not, but since i'm a gaijin, i dont really care :x

Finally! Night scene! The ferris wheel at odaiba could be seen!
zoom+night shot is so difficult to take ><

Obligatory group shot with sensei and her double bassist junior from uni! Very cute guy. His expression was very funny when they were interacting with each other. And I must remember to do my Vs next time!

The other guy, shou, was from another class. Some lessons shared with him. But we didnt know he was there lolx. Only during intermission then we saw him. He asked if une and I were dating. whether i have gf. And he thinks i'm popular. omg. everyone speculating -_- BUT I THINK HE KINDA LIKES UNE?! They're both same age, ONLY 20. I thought he 20-something lor!! And une told sensei when she first saw me, she thought i'm younger than her. could have been her younger brother lolx. Which reminds me of this other guy who's same age as me in class and i thought he's in his 30s. Oops. My turn soon @_@

While walking out, another attempt at night shot. Spoilt by the reflection. Gah.

Shou suggested that we have dinner together. Une and I were not thaaaaat willing to go coz need to spend moaar money and he was saying once in a while isn't it ok? We were so afraid that he would bring us to some izakaya that cost like Y2000+ per person. And on top of that, have to suffer the smoke among human chimneys :x ok… We sound like cheapskates now :| But as foreign students, we try to spend less. But if someone sponsors, then it's another matter lah hahahaah!!

Decided on wako for dinner. Tonkatsu again! Safer choice. But still about Y1000+… I'm already considered spendthrift among my friends coz i see anything below Y1000 (SGD15.40) is reasonably cheap/affordable while my friends' comfortable range is between Y500-Y800. Usually Y500. Guess it's the living standard of korea/taiwan/china vs singapore (which they told me is cheaper than sg). And true to the difference between us and natives, shou got himself an almost Y2000 set meal :x

My standard rosu katsu set :D

Une's. I had this twice before and twice i was too full to finish. She didnt believe lor, saying it looked so little, and like any korean girl who eats a lot, she could finish (coz the nabe was shallow). In the end she also thought it was too much lolll! tsk tsk!

A little anecdote when we entered wako. ok, it's neither funny nor interesting. And i donno what's the word to use other than "anecdote" haha. The waitress asked if we wanted smoking or non-smoking area. Since both une and i don't smoke, we said no smoking please. And shou said he smokes and he would prefer smoking area.

So it was a bit awkward. Especially when he asked but i know you both don't like it right?. We knew that in the culture even if you don't like you must grin and bear it to maintain peaceful harmony. But it's reallllly hard to do so when it comes to things you can't stand.

We sort of insisted on our decision and said yeah, it's a bit… (unbearable) (The ever useful word to mean everything you want to mean but find it hard to say out: chotto…)

Fortunately, he didnt get too hung up about it coz he got to smoke -before and after his meal- at the smoking section with the permission of the shop. A case of 飯前飯後一根煙, 天天快活似神仙? Will become deity sooner than he expected :x

And because A LOT of guys smoke there -it's like an endemic disease- they will automatically assume I do so to, because I AM OF AGE and I am a guy. I am very offended when people make such assumption =3= Shou did just that with the "oh, so you dont smoke ah" face.

Anyway… Here's a nice catchy song~ Sunset Crescendo. Was playing it in itunes and so decided to youtube it. And i found….

The reason why japanese men are so perverted.

It's quite wtf because people were editing all her legendary peekaboo "panty" shot spinning scenes from various videos and making slow-mo version of them. This is like what, the 1990s and they got all excited over something like this?

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