Thursday, July 14, 2011


I "discovered" my long forgotten kinda-experimental wordpress blog, tweeted about it, and people actually *wanted* to go read -______- Damn my itchy hand go tweet it!

Initially, I just wanted to go delete the blog. But after reading through. All the silly memories, things that i dont even remember now, flooded back. I think i'll keep it, but will change the entries to private :x Was actually contemplating doing a transfer of this blog to there, because wordpress is prettier and has better reply comment function! Not that anyone is commenting here though haha -_- but overall, it's quite slow(?) and cluttered and so complicated to use! I guess it was this factor that caused me to abandon wordpress and go back to my trusty lj. After all, lj contains more memories than anything.

Maybe after i study more how that bloody thing works, i will do the migrating~
That's all, for now.

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