Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All in a week.

Short pic update for the week.

A whole bunch of stuff arrived. This was just about half of everything i ordered that arrived.

Six slices of calpis bread. It does taste faintly of calpis. Very soft and nice.

This salmon bento was surprisingly good. Juicy salmon.

I have cracked nails and hangnails easily :( Bought this cute little nail clipper to bring outside, just in case.

g.u. (A pun on 自由 (jiyuu; freedom)) The sister store of uniqlo. Very much cheaper, but don't really like their clothes coz feels/looks too cheap and boring designs. At least uniqlo has more standard.

Why i hate summer: Strange looking bug at the staircase leading to my room. I only find them fascinating when they are in BBC documentaries :<

Got another postcard from them. I thought having more sale :O

Actually is a thank you card lol. Good customer service eh.

I hope the typhoon will be gone fast tomorrow. Need to go collect my visa :\


  1. OMG! Their service is really impressive! :O They even remembered that you go to music school!? THUMBS UP.

  2. yeah, they have elephant's memory, i guess :O


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