Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Because I have nothing to say.

 Too tired to do anything. Am thankful that the supermarket extended its opening hours to 11pm instead of the usual 8 or 9 like every other places. Because of that I was able to do some late grocery shopping after school. yawns.

Dewa, sassoku desu ga, pic for the day desu.

Breakfast which i bought at masago. 
The fried rice onigiri is amazingly delicious!!
Must buy more next time :9

I waited until 6pm since that breakfast up there then got to have dinner before my last class at 7pm... 
Recommended by une. This handmade burger shop, Fire house. 
VERYYYY NICEEE. But very ex. 
This cheese and chili beans burger with fries is about  Y1400.. 
Drinks sold separately :<

Can these Malaysian women apply? Probably no boat nor motor. 
But can have lots of sex. You know. For the hungry husband if there's no worms or fish.

Doesnt he look like the alien in gantz? he has a spring onion too! 

Okies, that's all :P

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