Saturday, June 4, 2011

Many pictures tell a story. Sort of.

Haven't been writing anything because i'm to busy with school and exam :<
It gets really tiring after returning home and finishing my work. I don't even feel like making dinner or anything. Just eat outside =/

But here are some photos from the past few days! Taken with instagram. Doesn't everyone love looking at pics instead of read paragraphs after paragraphs of words?

A double portion peperoncino pasta from the cheap Saizeriya. 
I love the simple olive oil with chili pepper pasta. Thinking that single portion won't be enough since I hadn't had breakfast nor lunch, I ordered the double portion. 
Wrong move. Too much food -_-

Guide for a good aim!
okies, i know this isn't the best pic to follow after a food pic :x

A place where I call home.

They keep coming out with new flavours (filling for bread), I can't catch up!
But I am not complaining. More choice.

Calpis bread. This was so good! 
Have you tried this? :9 VERY NICE.

Guess this historical character. Hint: Gou.
(Don't even need to guess if you could read the description on the pic :x)
Quick lunch. MOAR NEW FILLINGS. 
The spicy mayo was not bad, considering that i dont quite like mayonnaise... 

Dinner at this maguro (tuna) place that sells nothing but maguro related food.
Actually got other fish and seafood la. But mainly maguro, ok?

Ordered the recommended maguro don. Was okay. Not WOW. 
But still better than most maguro don in sg =/

This earthquake emergency alert on the phone slightly freaked me out with the sudden sharp alert tune.
Luckily not much shaking. 

When you received this, it can only mean one thing: member's double point sale!!!
That's all for now! Thinking of doing some backdated entries tmr...
Will just insert them into the appropriate dates.

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