Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 This is obviously not mine. But looks similar la. Just to show visuals.

Bought my season ticket for six months which cost me Y34, 730 (about SGD531). Woots.

Each single trip from my house to school and vice versa is Y310 (SGD4.70)

Assuming I go everyday, which i *should*, it will be:
Y310 x 2trips x 5days x 4weeks = Y12, 400/month

6 months would be 6 x Y12, 400 = Y74, 400 (about SGD1138)

So i will supposedly save Y39, 670!!!!

But factoring in the school holidays... I dont think I will be travelling so much leh. hmm..

And since this is valid only for the distance from home station to sch station on one particular train line, any other stations that i get off or on, or any other lines that i take, i still have to pay =/ But still good la, I predict that the one of the places that I will go most often is shinjuku, which three of its four stations are included in my covered stations :DDD I just have to avoid the main shinjuku station when i go. They are all connected to each other anyway =_=

I thought I have discovered a new route to travel home. Got me excited. Even went to try it. Walk from 春日 to 後楽園 (in the same station actually). travel to 池袋 and then take an express train to 練馬 before transferring back to my usual line to home. But it cost Y500!! and takes the same amount of time for non express trains. Chey. shall stick to the season ticket's route unless i want to go 池袋 :x

If this reads like a realllly boring entry, it's coz i'm just blabbering to myself.

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