Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Latest softbank smap cm

Just out on tv! SMAP filming for softbank's commercial~ Not that I'm fan of them though... Just a thought, they have so much money eh. Can go MBS... I dont even get to go up ;_;

Merlion got changed to otousan (dad), the softbank mascot at the end LOL!!

And if you noticed... most, if not all, except SMAP are angmoh -_-
Where are the REAL singaporeans??????
You donno meh. Foreign Talents mah.
And why are the FW not in the commercial?
Norhhh. MBS lor. They built the MBS. It thus symbolises their presence.
Issue artfully shunted away :3
(Or perhaps, they are at the first floor boozing and boogieing away - bangla/tiong/whatever style - coz too ex to go up :x WHY BOSS NO GIVE THEM FREE ENTRANCE GO UP!)

Anyway... digressed too much. So who is otousan?


Some samples of otousan in other softbank commercials!

"I don't think he's human" lolx

After he got out of the hospital...

Kawaii deshou? though again, i am not a dog person... 

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