Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another day in the life of a foreigner.

Long entry ahead! Beware!
Hisashiburi ni shinjuku ni itta.
Which means something like... it's been a while since i had been to shinjuku. About 3 months? lolx

Mmm. The smell of shinjuku fills my nose. Different place has different smell and it evokes different memories. shinjuku has this unique smell that i associate it with, like how the fish smell permeates the air in tsukiji. kkk..

But before that, I was at school. Having exams. By some strange connection, landed myself a "job" for saxophone accompaniment and possibly a duo piece(?) written by the composing/arranging students who need people to play their music. Saw the following two pics in a mag. 

That black jacket looks suspiciously like it's from uniqlo :D

 Kyuuuuuute!! Not referring to the dogs.

/Topic changed! I don't understand why japanese love to sit on the floor. When there's like empty chairs around. They will just plop themselves onto the ground even when offered a seat, which is undeniably cleaner. They even have a word for it. "Jibetarian". Jibeta which means ground. and adding the 'rian' suffix which, in effect, makes it sound like vegetarian (bejitarian in japanese). But i would rather think it's more of a battalion of jibeta sitting young people, though battalion is batarian and not betarian in japanese. (cf: obatarian = a battalion of obasans. Think GSS and a horde of them charging towards the sale items.)

Not my photo. 汚くない!?

Another one. Again, not my pic, but it serves the point :O
They wear nice nice (in formal wear, my classmates) and sit on the ground.

So much that there are posters saying no to jibetarians.

Was very hungry while waiting. 
Bought something at the vending machine. Not knowing what it was. Actually i bought it because i was tickled by the gem of engrish.

What bread this was? Hint: Do you start eating from the end or from the head?

Anyway, back to the original topic. I like going to shinjuku coz they give out freeeeee tissues! To everyone. And not just to the other species like they do in ikebukuro. pfft. Received three packs~ Sounds cheapskate right... but as a poor student in a foreign country, we have to 省省省! Like Shop N Save -_- 

Spent some time in kinokuniya getting stuffs with my Y5000 book voucher for being a good student. Woots! Free money to spend :x Ended up still had to pay a balance of Y1000+ coz overspent...

A new kind of scale. hole-y. Must have lots of resonance.

And in that span of 2-3 hours loitering in shinjuku, I have been approached to join the blush of hosts in host clubs O_o; They so desperate until the extent that they need someone as blah as me to be a host? I think this is the second or third time these people came forward to ask me. The other time also got some tv talent scout asking if i know what is artiste and do i want to be one -______- I TOLD HER I GAIJIN. DONT THINK CAN. And hor, with regards to the host offer, i on student visa, cannot work in such 風俗 places :x Next time can consider la.. when i can't find a job, and if they still want :x But i hate smoke. So nah, probably not.

 An example of a host. 
The nicest i could find. I find most of them eeky!!

Then i found sukiya! Few days ago i was having cravings for sukiya but couldnt find it. And i was contemplating whether to go have sushi at the place near the cinema or not. I loooove sukiya. I think it's so much better than yoshinoya or matsuya. Probably partly due to the fact that sukiya has got sofa seats instead of just counter seats, which i don't really like coz I like to put my bag down properly and not on my lap. Plus, they have great menu :DD

Ordered the new spicy white hair spring onion beef bowl with tonjiru set. Upsized the meat portion by 1.5x but a bit regretted coz was very full after that :x Oh. and it's not really "white hair". Just that it uses the white portion of the spring onion, sliced to thin stripes. Really crunchy and delicious. The peppery sauce was good. Tonjiru was also not bad. Standard. I love that they don't charge so much like sg when you change misoshiru to tonjiru in tonkichi! ps: Ton=pork. Miso=... miso (bean paste). shiru=jiru=soup/juice.

Feel like paying another visit to sukiya soon.

The catchphrase "sukiya wa gyudon" at the end is my fav phrase LOL
of course i won't sing it to friends. so embarrassing.

And this is hotter. See, all hunks and cute guys rush to eat at sukiya, ok? 
(but alas, reality is different)

After dinner, it was time to go squeeze with the evening crowd back home T_T Took a wrong route while walking to the station and ended up in shinjuku 2 chome lol. But nothing to see in the day la. Managed to find my way back to the correct direction, but not before alighting two stops prior to get tickets - sorry, should be ticket, because i am watching alone. how sad it is - for X-men this sat!! You know? They renamed it X-men: First Generation :x No need to worry about being in the first or cattle class.

Discounted price for members! Yay.

Grabbed some chirashi (or: this) for x-men and harry potter(!) after i got my ticket. That shop at esplanade that sells movie flyers and film related things? They have lots of them here, free. So pwetttty. Most people collect them. I do keep some that i like, but the rest, erm, i use them to wrap things :x

X-men, front.
I thought that was James Bond on the extreme right.

X-men, back.

Deathly Hallows part 2!!!! Front.
Not to be disrespectful to Voldy the dark lord, but he really needs a nose lift.

The look one gets when being told it's the end.

Can't wait!! So glad that they re-introduced imax here!! Was thinking of going to kawasaki to catch HPDH2 but it's so faaaaaaaar. Another prefecture lor. Now i can just comfortably take a train two stops away to watch~ 

Earlier, i received this mail and i found something odd which i couldn't place a finger to. After scrutinizing for a moment.... i realised why.

Spot the keigo mistake(s) in this mail. My gawd. It's really true that the japanese make such errors. No wonder there are so many books written on how to use 正しい敬語. 
Lastly, if you are still with me and not bored to tears yet, just one last photo! I used instagram to take the pic of the chirashi up there and kinda like the darkened effect. So sharing :x

That shape must feel quite good. 

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