Sunday, June 26, 2011

The S words.

Bus drivers and train drivers in japan like to talk in ssSsSSSSsssSsSSs language. You know?

Like this: ohaygosssssssss. *mummers some ssss sounding incantations in between* goj'shsss arzamasssssssss. 

When they meant to say: ohayou gozaimasu *inserts canned phrases of announcements* gojousha arigatou gozaimasu.


This: *in a lazy and bored voice that mashes all the sounds together* tsug'waner'mkasssgacho. nrmak'ssgacho.

When it should be: tsugi wa nerima kasugachou. nerima kasugachou.

Yet another phenomenon: they speak so softly like they're trying to serenade us to sleep that it is barely audible over the roar of the running train. Not all trains or buses have recorded announcements or info screens okkkk! Granted, they might have been speaking the same old thing over and over again for days, months or even years that they become really sick of it.

But seriously, they slur their words too much! Sometimes important messages like an announcement for a delay in train or change in platform just become unintelligible. Oh wait. Maybe it's just because of my incompetence that I don't understand them! oh nossss. But but… It's not like they have a speech impediment like a lisp or because they are drunk (or are they?) :3

i seriously wonder if the day when every syllable bleeds into one another, will they all become Parselmouths.

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