Sunday, June 19, 2011

Of bags and udon.

Bought a new bag yesterday~~ A "ryukku" (from German for rucksack). My cheap furry one is not going to hold well with all the books —it is torn due to the weight and though i have already mended it— and carrying tote bag with tons of books really hurts my shoulder after a while =/ Plus i couldn't find The One at Uniqlo... So does that justify the purchase? :x The bag is quite big so it can double as a gym bag for my clothes and towels on top of (more like below) the books.

I really adore tartan patterns! But i must remember to not wear a top that has such designs when i'm using the bag or it will look really retarded :x Tartan overloaded. And i have quite a lot of shirts with tartan designs -_-;; Just like i have to remember not to wear my polka dots shirt when it's raining and when I want to use my polka dots umbrella.

Such a cute bag!

I saw another one with blue/white horizontal stripes which i also like :x Bit smaller and pricier sigh. Was deciding between the two. Maybe... next time. I do have a weakness for bags, oh nossssss!

Here's another one i bought three months ago at B. when i was there to get a suit for grad :x Had wanted to get one of their boy's bag in the kids section last winter coz it's sooo cute! But this new season (at that time)'s design was nicer. Just the right size for files and A4 sized books=scores! Have been using it together with the usual bag i carry, when it is too full of things that i have to separate my books. 

The direct front view. 
Not much difference from the above, but since i have already taken, just upload lol!

And now, a leap of topic to... 

Food! Made cold udon for dinner today. I'm more of a soba than udon person. But the panda said he was making udon the other day, so i was inspired to make my own too :O Added mince meat kneaded with ginger bits and with wakame i found in the kitchen, plus a generous amount of tenkasu toppings (those leftover tiny fried flour pieces in tenpura) :9 Not exactly conventional undo, coz i added in non conventional stuff (the mince meat+ginger) but i don't care! I think it tastes ok can already!

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