Sunday, June 19, 2011


Recently, i overheard some high sch girls chatting among themselves using this:


A new addition to the pool of 若者言葉 (young ppl's language)?!

リアル (riaru) is the way they pronounce the English word, real.
By inference, i believe this is used when they want to mean hontou in the proper language, or maji, yet another older, casual word. English's equivalent would be really

The phrase which i heard was リアルかっこいい (riaru kakkoii) which means really hot (guy), further abbreviated to just "RK" (pronounced "arukei"). One of those KY language. Like in phone messages or when they just want to be cryptic to annoy their parents lol.

You can mix and match riaru with other words too! Like kawaii (cute) or busaiku (ugly). Wait... won't that make RiaruKawaii "RK" too?

Have fun pointing out hot guys and whispering RK to your friends!

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