Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I got back my practical exam results and the general remarks from the panel of six examiners was that i understood the composer's direction and was able to reproduce it. Rhythm was good. The sound was clear and clean, especially the top notes. Delicate and gentle, the overall tone was rich and it left a good impression. Middle portion had a "full vibrancy/ring" (whaaat?) to it and that gave an unexpected harmony to the sounds. Good to have added a twist to it (err….)

What was bad was the pedalling had some cloudiness at some points. And not enough dynamics (HAHA. i know. this has always been my problem). I told my sensei that the examiners were too lenient. Marks too high. And too kind with their comments. How is it was interesting to hear an unexpected emphasis of (different) harmony supposed to be valid when i am playing classical. Not self composed or jazz where i can have freer control of interpretation. And she readily agreed that they were indeed too lenient lol.

But she was quick to say that playing delicately is really my "merit". So i guess the other time the comments i gathered from my classmates had some truth to it. We had to play our pieces plus other random music on different occasions during some other classes, my classmate said she thought i played really nice unlike her. (even though i had so many wrong notes and stumbling all over the place?) And another one (THE GIRL.. maybe will write about her next time) said i played like her Poland one-to-one teacher: smoothly and gently. Unlike hers. She asked me how i did it. I have no idea. Her score had URUSAI!! (IT'S TOO LOUD!!) written all over the notes lol. But i swear when i am playing, it sounds very loud -too loud- and not-nice-ish to my ears. And because it's THE GIRL, everything she says has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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