Monday, May 23, 2011

Moonie Stay.

Went for a two night staycation with g for the past two days. At a relatively new boutique hotel built six months ago. Room was quite disappointing coz damn small. Some may say it's cosy though. Funnily, among the reviews, the only reviewers who never wrote anything about how freaking tiny the rooms are, were the Japanese stayers. Just 18m² ok! Bed right in front when you open the door. Even smaller than my apartment in Tokyo.

So anyway, we got a room with huge windows that overlooked rows of shop houses. Yep, right from our bathroom/toilet. Alas, twice, we seen an indian man showering. Not that we wanted to, though. Why was it not a hot hunk instead? And befitting the hotel's name, one can even rightfully moon at anyone outside the window (if your room has one! most of the rooms are windowless). Plus the bathroom is all glass. Like everybody else who has received a compulsory wholesome science education since young in sg, we know light can, and will pass through glass. So everything that's happening inside the hotel room is visible from the outside, if you are on grounds high enough or considerably equal height. No curtains hor. So cannot play modest and conceal your lovely bits. Definitely not recommended for couples, straight or pink, who are in a stage where either one is uncomfortable with letting the other see you shower/shit/pee. Need a covering leaf?

Some other things worth a mention:
1. They replenish the drinks in the mini fridge everyday. At no extra charges. Mineral water, beer and juices. I drank water and apple juice for the two days. A bit of beer too lol.

2. Ipod dock in the room, so if you have it (now, who doesn't?), you can plug it in and charge and play music at the same time.

3. Rather nice breakfast in the morning. I only had it on the first day though. Checkout day too... tired :x wanted to sleep in. But g said that day's food was better. Gah.

4. Bolster in the room! So nice!! And with the free wifi in the whole hotel, it is a good way to spend the day lazing around in the room.

5. Rain shower in the bathroom! This was reallllly good. You can turn it up for full thunderstorm or down for a light drizzle. Cold or hot rain. Can fulfill one's rain+outdoor-ish fantasy :x

6. Not exactly a good feature of the hotel, but since there's only one complain, I'll just dump it here. The corridor and whatever sounds your lovely neighbour makes are quite audible. The vacuuming, especially in the morning. The late night showers. Luckily never hear anything weird like banging walls or lusty moans. We did, however, heard creaky cabinet and dripping water, amplified by the echo-y bathroom :O It didn't help that we caught the horror movie, Insidious on the first night, which by the way, succeeded in scaring everyone, including a malay guy beside g who knocked into him during a scary scene and apologised to g lol. When the unexplainable noise broke the silent room, I was frozen with sillyfear and my eyes were darting about from the wall to the ceiling to the door and to the wall again (repeats 3 times), coupled with a did you hear that? whisper that it crept g out and made his skin crawled. Turn out nothing happened after that. Chey. I was prepared to run out of the room already (if it weren't already mysteriously locked by unknown entities).  

So there you go, my virgin experience with staying in a hotel in my own country.

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