Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Got sale?

Every time I pass by Parco at Millenia Walk with g, I can't help (if i am in a good mood) but sing this little ditty. Or he'll ask me "sing?". Guess we can't see this in sg when there is sale at Parco?

Paruko ara~
Paruko ara~
Ara ara ara ara
Paruko ara~

The commercial song is actually very clever coz it plays with japanese words. In a simple and effective way. Plus the song sticks in one's head. One very good live example is me, after listening to it on tv for weeks =_=

Paruko = Parco in japanese

Ara = oh my! wow! oh my goodness! (coz koala discovered Parco has got sale!)

Combining the ko from paruko and ara you get...
Koara = koala

Hence the koala bear character in the advertisement.
Very cute right???
Now go spread the song!

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