Sunday, May 15, 2011

Of subtitles.

Anybody reads the subtitles when watching movie in the theatre? I do. Sometimes the characters mumble so much, or speak so softly/over a noisy crowd/voice gets distorted/horrible accent that one can not understand what they are speaking at all, unless you read the subtitles.

 This is what happens when you can't read subtitles.

So whenever i'm watching a movie, I will be very busy scanning the whole screen looking at the pictures and reading the words while listening. And does anyone notice moments when subtitles don't end properly, like when they end halfway with ... or -- ? Those are the parts that make me nervous. Especially horror movies. (But then, sometimes there's nothing, since it could just be the speech trailing off lol.) Because it is like a visual cue telling you that something is going to come jump out and interrupt the character's speech. Maybe get stabbed/crushed/attacked or something. (Apart from those musical cue in some shows that signals you that ok... evil spirit coming out. Somewhere. Beware. Cue to watch between your fingers.) So every time when i see something like that on the screen, i would be watching in anticipation of some dramatic turn of event. Which unfortunately, usually, doesn't always happen.

Nobunaga would have approved!

Pointless entry. I know. Just a thought when i was watching a period drama and the samurai was voicing his opinion on his master's act of cruelty to the princess. Half expecting some ISA styled (that would be Internal Security Act) ninja to come poofing out of nowhere and slicing his head off when I saw the ... in the subtitles. Guess i was wrong :P

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