Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, my little cabbage.

Spent the day with g celebrating his birthday. Treated him to itacho sushi at ION for lunch coz he suggested it. I'm all for having good quality sushi heehee. When the bill came, luckily i didn't faint. Almost $100!!! My gawd. The other time i ate with my mum, it was only about $80!

After lunch, we went around seeing belts as he wanted to get a casual one. But too bad, nothing nice found, though there was one. Maybe we will go get it eventually.

In the end, we were thinking of getting the PS3 as his present. But he hesitated as he was not sure if he would play it religiously or just leave it to be a dust collector. I just thought with a local(?) set, those games that i won't be able to play on my Japanese set, I can play on his HAHAHA. Sneaky thoughts. See how first bah. Perhaps get him a camera/laptop bag/3DS instead :x Since these are the things he lusts over too. Edit: found out PS3 are not regionally locked! So games can be played on all sets. Only thing that's locked is the Bluray -_-;;

While we were in Burberry looking around the belts, he suddenly said something...

g: can i hold your hand?
me: what? why? did you do something wrong? *なんだ、いきなり!*

lolx This is so funny.

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