Thursday, May 26, 2011

zenzen dame?

When you see a restaurent with a name like this, the following ensues (it did! really)

While walking pass this place at raffles place mrt...
g: Is this restaurant nice?
me (took one look at the signboard): Zenzen.

And then there was a pregnant pause as we realised this short exchange was kinda funny so i went back to take this pic.

Why? Two zen do not amplify the zen-ness, if the purpose of zen is to bring calm and tranquility to your mind and body. One "zen" may be a particular branch of Buddhism. Two zen, alas, simply negates everything, by virtue of its pronunciation. So the above means...

A: Is this restaurant nice?
B: Not at all.

A search on their website gave this made up definition of zenzen though.

1. Zenzen is the discovery of a high quality, gourmet fusion cuisine, light and hearty, served quick and at a small price. It is the quality alternative to fast food.
2. A place where Zenooshis and Zenooshettes from all ages and all walks of life meet, to enjoy a nice moment together in a cool place.

Whaaaat? They didn't include its true definition! And what are Zenooshis and Zenooshettes? lol!

In actual fact, people nowadays do use it in positive sentences. But take note. Only in casual settings (though there do exist people who use it everywhere. The uneducated ones). Like zenzen ok (totally ok), zenzen daijoubu (totally alright). Just avoid using it in your essay writing or business presentation if you don't want to get disapproval tsks and glares from your teacher or potential clients.

The proper way is to use it with negative sentences. Useful sentences like:

A: Am i bothering you?
B: Zenzen.

A: Am i ugly?
B: Zenzen.

A: Have you got any idea why my ipod is scratched?
B: Zenzen.

A: Do you love me?
B: Zenzen.

Only use the last one when you have resolved to die.

ps. I have nothing against the restaurant's quality of food. Never eaten there. So i donno, Don't come and sue me hor. Just found the name amusing and wanted to point out that they should have done a much thorough brand name research before launching the product! Makes quite a laughable meal conversational topic :x

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