Saturday, September 11, 2010

Haunted House きゃあ”

The main agenda for the day: 

Don't ever think of getting out when you step in.
But I survived (with both my feet still intact)

Summer is a time for haunted house because they believe getting scare into a sweat will cool you down. So off we went to Tokyo Dome for a good scare after school. I saw the 'making of' of the mechanisms inside on tv so was quite interested. Nevertheless, it was still freaking creepy to go inside. But my classmates were really chickens. They clung on to me all the time and were screaming "MOTHER HELP!!"

Story? The female ghost is called Ashigari who doesn't have legs and so she targets other people's legs... Eeeew. Of all things, the feet is the most vulnerable. Did i mention that we have to take off our shoes to enter? Brings the scary level up when you feel NAKED. Plus you get to feel the different texture and temperature of the house.... Luckily i had socks on :x 

By the way, 超・絶叫篇 was over for its original run and now only 絶叫篇 was available for scares for the month of September.

I wonder how scary it was for 超・絶叫篇...

see 超・絶叫篇's promo video.

The music is creepy so... don't say I didn't warn you ah!

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