Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Shinjuku.

Hopped to shinjuku after settling some health insurance thingy at the city hall. Bought some stuffs too wheeee. Clothes! Good shopping therapy :D

Very random, boliao entry.

 Cocktail prawn rolls and salty durian chips. Durian chips… salty??
Though… I won't want to touch it.. salty or not :x

 I donno why the man in the pic is so exaggeratedly happy (with double exclamation marks some more) about an "umbrella gripper". So what is an "umbrella gripper"?

 Hard to lose.
Little bit stylish.
Shrug Design.
*Shrugs* What a name…

 Snuck into a Starbucks.. Was hungry and hot. Wanted to have tea. 
It was 7.30pm and they said they close at 8…
Ended up getting only a cold cocoa, seated at a counter facing outside… 
The cocoa was sweet. Nice.

SUICA penguin san says hi. 
i couldn't spell "penguin" O_O. i kept thinking it's "pengin", which is how it is pronounced in Japanese. Fails.

 was still feeling hungry.. but most places closed already. so went to the tonkatsu place and got a "katsu and lots of veggies curry set" which i felt.. cheated =/ Why…???

 Coz mostly imo type… which means carbohydrates. 
But still nice.. the katsu :P

Finished it by 10pm. mm. took half an hour to eat. gawd.. another late dinner :X
See, i said this entry is boliao already...

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