Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sale day!

Burberry double point member sale + A.b. secret member sale day! 
Of course have to go take a look :x

Cut my hair.. and took a pic. 

The 歩行者天国 (pedestrian paradise) at ginza main street.
No cars allowed, you can walk all over the place on the road.
Like the now re-opened 歩行天 at Akihabara where the stabbing incident took place…
By the way, Shinjuku also has. Did anyone notice? It's bigger in area :P

 Benches placed at intervals where people can sit down and do people watching.

 At omotesando for more shopping and dinner.
Took the window seat instead of the seat further away at a corner that was suggested by the waitress, coz got more light for photos heheh.

Very nice restaurant along the street of omotesando, with good ambiance, slightly dimmed and bossa jazz playing. And can watch people passing by while you enjoy the food. They dimmed and changed the glowing colours on the light after a while. Which was *_* so nice.

 Don't usually order drinks (with soba?!) but took the cold earl grey. 
mmm. refreshing haha
The little jug of milk is so cute.

 Waiting.. waiting… 6.19pm already and i haven't had lunch nor dinner yet :<

 Finally, my meat&veg soba arrive, with a mushroom dip sauce. 
Was very strange, yet good! Must return here again next time :x

 With the candle they started placing on the table.

 After finishing my soba, i noticed that they have some interesting gelato flavours hanging on the wall like.. celery. eeeew.

Decided to be adventurous and so took the ゴルゴンゾラ (gorgonzola, which is Italian blue cheese) and ズコット (zuccotto) for the half-half (two flavours). The gorgonzola cost 100 yen more than the other flavours -_-x

VERY GOOD in a weird way! If you like cheese, that is. It's cheesy salty and the zuccotto was sweet.

Went home and on the way, saw this sign pasted all over ginza station.

Quite quaint leh, the way they worded it (when it meant "please give way to each other"). Like some 1800s text. it made me chuckled. Then later found out that yield is common in US traffic signs but not in UK. The quaintness i felt probably resulted from that and furthermore, using it on people… *shrugs*

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