Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sg food@赤坂見附

Craving for sg food. gah.

So what to do?

Go sg restaurant and get veg head chopped by its exorbitant prices!

Coconut juice. Which didn't really taste like coconut juice to me. Like mixed with honey or aloe vera... Mijin said she tried coconut juice in Malaysia before and it was horrible. Like Pokari Sweat diluted with water. LOL
This was better, though it was sweet (she doesn't like sweet stuff)

Chicken and pork satay. I'd have preferred beef but dont have :x
The peanut sauce was tasty :9

Butter prawns~ Yummy
Instead of cereals, something else was used.. But i donno what's that. Like soy bean products…
Have you seen laksa with cucumbers and quail eggs and without cockles?
There~ The soup tasted a little different but is niccccccceeeeeeeee. But probably not as good as those back home.
The last dish, hokkien mee.
Again.. it tasted slightly different...
And the chili was not hot at all...
The bill came to be 5210yen. It's shocking in sgd. about $76. Crazy hor?
The laksa and hokkien mee was about 1000yen ($16) each, within the normal restaurant price range in tokyo though. But they still can't compare with the real thing back home.

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