Friday, March 9, 2012

Packing up

Frankly, I didn't expect the cardboard boxes to take up so much space even when flattened and packed like this!! I'm having a little trouble walking around the "kitchen" area. Not like I keep hanging around there though.

Still, imagine when they are all being filled, I don't think I'll have any much standing space left :/

Have only done packing some books into one box and temporarily placed it at the balcony window. There are still many many more things to sort out, throw away, pack in. Oh gawwwd. Moving house is such a nightmare. I keep discovering things I thought I never owned, but they were just hidden in plain view. That one box of books alone gave me a slight sore back. I hope the movers have super human strength, can carry ALL OF THEM with ease. And not to mention the... piano. Down two flights of stairs and up two flights of stairs at the new place. No escalator, sorry.

Gotta hurry by the moving date. よっしゃ!!!
Hope it doesn't rain on that day ><;

Rewarding myself with a pack of fresh strawberries 
(lame excuse for that one box of books keke). They're in season now!

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