Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas eve adventure with the friend I

Christmas eve illumination with tc!
So many people in hands, two-by-two, it was a depressing day to be out.
Christmas has become a second valentine's day :x
Why is it that when one is single, or "single", one tends to notice the amount of couples hovering around.
Took lots of photos along the way, but there's a lot of non christmas lightings related photos…
You can only take that much.
And because there are so many photos, I've separated them into two entries.
Less loading time(?), less scrolling to do for the poor finger ^^;

Origami christmas tree. #fail pic.

Moar origami cranes!!

Random couple taking couple shot in a set up.

Look at the long queue waiting to go up stage to take that cage pic.
Coincidentally, I want a pair of shoes like that guy's but still havent found the perfect one ><

A sea of blue. tc was shocked to see that it's just_like_this. He thought it was like super huge covering larger grounds where you can explore. "uh... so we're done looking at this. Go home now?" I asked him. You think a maze garden ahh…. I, on the other hand, was wondering why he asked me to come here to see this illumination and I thought he already knew it's this "big". I was here last year by chance and I COULDN'T FIND THOSE PHOTOS IN MY COMPUTER!! Wanted to show him...

Looks like microscopic pic of some organism's surface....

Phantom showing. Please show Wicked again!!

Reflection on the opposite glass partition.

tc said, take a pic and ask people to guess what that tiny little thing is LOL!! Duh….


Queues everywhere.

Anpan man! I remember the Anpan man song on tv...

This way to wonderland where you part with your cash.

A really tiny exhibition on kaseifu no mita, the drama with the highest viewership ever, since 2003's good luck. My classmates are always talking about the show. I went without knowing the story.... Just caught ep 1 online. Quite 扯 but nice!

The synopsis: Mita Akari is a mysterious housekeeper who is completely unsociable. However, she is perfect in her housework and does whatever she is told, no matter how outlandish, as long as it doesn't involve smiling or revealing her past. She's been dispatched to the Asuda household where plenty of problems await, as the children have recently lost their mother and their father lacks confidence in his own role. (from DramaWiki)

Basically a domestic helper. If we ever had a sg drama on indonesian/philipino maid…. Oh wait, we do have. Leticia LOL

For the arashi fans.

Floor plan of the houses.

The [only?] clothes she wears in the drama.

The script.

The doctor bag she uses. Like doraemon's 4th dimension pocket or mary poppins' bottomless carpet bag, has everything you need.

Ridiculously expensive for a brandless looking bag!! $1000 for the big one and $600 for the mini one. They really know how to milk the mita cash cow. But i guess if the bag could conjure everything you need, then it's not too bad ^^

No money to buy, can only hold it for a bit.

Kinda weird to have mita san behind a mountain of totoros.

Hopped over to ginza for an apparent christmas illumination that ended unfound orz. Hunt for dinner instead.

My favourite brand LOL

the facade is so beautiful.

Beside Swarovski, an unknown building. tc says the lion looks like merlion. Uh =_=?

Love the little splashes of multi colours.

If all the metal sticks were to fall at once on a person.... #finaldestination *shivers*

One of the angels along the ginza street. Each ball on every angel has different drawings.

Yamaha! Get your musical needs here! (Or at ikebukuro)

Continue in next entry here with the true christmas lights pics!

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