Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dinner 4/12

Another back dated entry :O
Kenny suggested we go have some buffet(?) near Boon Keng mrt ^^ It would be my first time there. The mrt station looked so… normal I was a bit disappointed.
Can't remember the name of the restaurant, but it was quite good! Here are some of the food we ordered :9

Jelly fish?

I think it was something with fruits mixed inside.

Speaking of "mixed", I accidentally bought (online) a pack of "cookie mix" thinking it means "an assorted variety of cookies" (ooo! lots of different cookies! Like Danish butter cookies!) when it's really those recipe mix for making cookies -_- So you see, you never know when English in Japanese means what it means in real English or when it has some weird only-in-Japan definition. In this case, this was the real English meaning. Since I have no oven here, I'm going to send it over to g for him or his mom to bake. THEN HE CAN SEND THE HAND-MADE COOKIES BACK TO ME. Brilliant.

Okay, digression over. Back to food.

I love century eggs. I'm so chinese. But none of them liked so i had them all to myself humpf.

Fish gaping for last breath. Kinda morbidly funny.

Were these fried fritters?

Cereal prawns. I love them so much :3

I forgot what's this… something coffee… supposed to be very nice right?

And i love hot plate tofu.

ナニこれ、覚えてない T_T Venison?


Another one showing the symptoms.

A gathering for dinner inevitably calls for a photo taking session with everyone :x
Three photos with kenny as follows. i got same expression so sad LOL

Next three photos with chris.

kenny and g.

chris and g.

The rest are just so funny and silly that involved some joke… :x

A more proper one.

Really like these three, very natural and spontaneous :p

Boss pay… first. 謝謝老闆!!


  1. The restaurant is Ban Heng

    The pic after the fish is the you tiao. I think there was some stuffing. Fish/prawn cake or something.

    Coffee pork ribs and I think yes, that's supposedly venison.

    Stupid blogspot, cant link to LJ


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