Thursday, September 22, 2011

What to do in a typhoon emergency.

Typhoon no. 15 (15 because it's the 15th for this year) (or what is known as Typhoon Roke everywhere else) just passed over Tokyo and moving on northwards. There's this thing about the news always saying a typhoon is the biggest yet every time one passes through. Sensationalism? But this one was probably really the biggest grandmother of them all i ever experienced. For countries like Singapore, you probably never experience it unless in the unfortunate event when eg you're holidaying in a country that has it, like japan (july - october) or hongkong (may - november), and suay, just happens to get one on the days you're there :O

The path of typhoon no. 15. Reaching Hokkaido tomorrow!

So what to do??
Actually what not to do is more important!

It does feels like it's the end of the world.

Most are common sense (but common sense isn't common haha!):

1 Most important, dont stay outdoor or in open spaces.

2 Don't go to beaches or rivers or places with huge bodies of waters just because it looks interesting or exciting. The water rises fast.

3 Don't walk near lampposts, poles or those utility poles with electrical cables etc

4 Don't go near slopes or mountainous terrains. Landslides can occur.

5 HIDE INDOORS. Okay, don't go hide at underground shopping malls. coz will flood!! And it's not like a once-in-50-year type flood.

6 If unlucky got hit by flood, immediately go to higher ground 3rd floors and above.

7 Don't stand close to windows and want to take videos or pics. The strong winds can break glass. You might fall out because of the wind. And die as a result. A series of unfortunate events. Like this man here.

8 Get away from manholes!! I don't mean the anatomy kind :x The sewage water can suddenly burst upwards like some special movie effects.

9 Turn on your tv/radio/internet and listen or pay attention to the warning issues. Like evacuation orders. But if you're a tourist, where to evacuate to? Best to stay in hotel.

10 The wind will weaken suddenly and get stronger like a cycle. Don't think it's safe just because the wind seems to "tone down"!

11 Beware of FLYING OBJECTS in the wind. Like signboards. There are many deaths caused by this. Think Final Destination. Protect your head. With helmet if you got one.

12 Lastly, don't go anywhere ALONE. Tie yourself with a rope to your friend or another person if you must, seriously. Can fly (a bit) one.

This is not an accurate depiction of what happens during a typhoon because…

hmm. i think that's all for people who are not living in a typhoon country but just touring. Coz more things to prepare for, like making sure you know where to go during evacuation, reinforcing your window panes with tapes, getting thick water proof boots, getting emergency food and water, torchlight, batteries etc all for "just in case" scenario. Luckily I stay on the 3rd floor and no where near a river :x

umbrellas don't work in such weather. WILL BEND/FOLD INWARDS. Don't even bother bringing your expensive ones out!

Hope no one gets to experience this but if you do, stay safe!

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