Friday, September 30, 2011

Of bunnies and the good friend who keeps eating.

Okays i think i told myself this was for me to chronicle stuff when i'm in japan, but now i'm starting to include things not related, like this. Heh. Anyway, this is very old. LIke in April when i went back to sg for spring break. Met up with my good friend, serena! We went to Orchard (where else?) for lunch. I felt like a tourist :x

I think i suck at taking pics like this lol. Or maybe it's just iphone :x But blur is good. Less flaws seen haha.

We went Tonkichi for lunch. Like, huhhh. why was i having japanese food again in sg?! But never mind, since she wanted to it. Strangely…. it wasn't as good as I remember it should be before. I had quite a surprise. The meat just wasn't right. Or perhaps I am so used to too many good tonkatsu here that I subconsciously raise my taste buds' standard.

While the tonkatsu was disappointing, this kakuni (braised pork) was good. So soft and yummy. Think of the fat we ingested :x

I remember last time when we went for "food describing lesson" with Mori sensei at the Suntec's branch, the head wait staff told us it took hours to make this and it's limited per day. Wonder if it's still so or not. Or she just BS lol

The agedashi dofu was good too. Just don't like the bonito flakes on top of them.

We really love to do our ^^v

It was more or less a late afternoon on a weekday, walked to ion to see if there's any changes. There were so many people there. WHYYYY. All no need to work/study huh.
And being serena (and me), we ended up somewhere for a drink :x
Because she saw something like one-for-one offer in the shop haha. How to resist!

The place was so cold and we were drinking this. Madness. Got brainfreeze-d.

Drinking this needs a lot of concentration you know.

okies i'm no better :/

A failed attempt to smile.

See the wall behind? They really very lazy to change deco leh. April already still "Happy 2011 Chinese New Year". I wonder if it's still there now! Or just conveniently keep there, hope that people don't notice, and next year just change the 1 to 2.

Got out of ion and okay, i donno what this was.

Playing tourist. Kinda weird and embarrassing but couldn't help. And i had to cropped it. When she says she donno how to take pics, she really means it :/

Just to make me feel less awkward, i made her take one too.

I never got to know how this orchard fashion runway 2011 thing was supposed to look like lolx

After some mindless walking for digestion, it was time for dinner! Local food!!!
I like Food Republic! And i dont think i have tried Food Opera before, so off we trod to the basement (was it?) to meet g for dinner.

Was this beef noodle? I donno. Can't remember… But looking at it now makes me so hungry.

ommmmgggggggg. I wanna eat this so badly.

Soup. I love rice like this. I love soupsssss. I love the chili soy sauce that goes with everything which is not available here at all. I am deprived.

Clearly, she badly wanted to start on her meal already.
The impatient hand look when i wanted to take her pic.
See how it looked like there's nothing in the bowl except plain soup lol.

Oh. so this was what I had. The char kway teow.

Numerous masks staring down at you as you try to enjoy your meal: to make you feel uncomfortable and vacant your seat fast for the next customer. Very good tactical move.

Invisible man g kindly helped us take a "tsuu-shotto" (two shot). Kinda useful Japanese-english word to mean a photo with two person in it. Is there such a word in english?!

So by inference, if there's three people, it's surii-shotto? four people = foo-shotto? many people = manii-shotto? oh wait.. manii shotto sounds like… this nsfw :x

Donno what just happened. Did she try to cut me with her finger scissors.

Serena: I tell you this joke ah. So funny.
I: There she goes again… third time.

Below, some photos I took on the same day of the two queens of the house.
Cotten Tail and Peter Rabbit. Never mind that "peter" is a boy's name lol.

Happily munching on her food.

Don't let her docile look fool you. She bites.


Sniffing the camera.

And then discovering that it's nothing interesting = non edible.

Isn't she cute? (but very fierce, I tell you)

If she's lying like this it means she doesn't care if you're there or not.

I just love to go disturb her and tickle her tummy.

okays i miss both of them, never mind they are mad :(

One day down! Many more days of pics to come :x

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