Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Lonely Distance.

Emo entry. I'm feeling EXACTLY like usagi now in the song….
The song I always turn to when I feel lonely without g because the lyrics best describes the exact words and emotion. Not coincidentally, I also used the song title as my journal title in lj... It has so many meanings on many levels. /digress
So anyway, do you have anybody you love so much that you feel the loneliness like this when he or she is separated from you by mountains and oceans?

"… I'm writing this letter from my apartment in Massachusetts. I've finally gotten used to the life at Harvard University and everyday is fascinating. But there's one thing that's lacking. Usa, your smile."

aitakute aenai
I want to see you, but we can't
sabishikute shinisou yo
I'm so lonely that it's killing me
mou dou nimo taerarenai
How much longer I can bear this

ano koro wa mainichi
Those were the days, everyday,
suki na dake aeta no ni
we could be together whenever we wanted
sore demo tarinai to
And yet, I said selfish things like
wagamama itta wa ne
"it's not enough"

"Usa, stay strong for me.
Every time I look at the reflection of the moonlight in the Charles River,
That ring I gave you. i think of it.
Usa. I want to hold you."

Lonely distance
futari wo tsunageru kono sora no
The two of us are connected under this sky
setsunai kyori dake takusan aishite
The heartrending distance only makes me love you more
(naiteru kao hodo yume dewa kawaii)
(Your crying face is the extent of my dreams, so precious)

Wanna be with you...
Wanna be with you...
Wanna be with you...

Usagi: "Mamo chan..."

Setsuna/Pluto: "From Mamoru san?"

Better quality from the CD.

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