Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hot day out at USS

Since I *finally* uploaded the tons of USS photos onto fb… I just copy some here as i have nothing to write .___. Lots of act cute photos :x I remember it was a rather hot day. Yep. That's all.

Beware!! Long photo entry!

A cut to spare if you dont want to see / scroll through to the next entry.

queue so short. Yay!!!!! But. We already bought tickets online lolx. Chey.

The whole setting just reminds me of Kane Chronicles.


The dreaded ride.

Bit gaudy, if you ask me.

Actually one of my favourite rides. I'm such a wuss.
Oh. NOBODY SPUN THE CUP EXCEPT US!!? All sitting inside only.

Went back to take pic with this coz there was a family just now hogging the area. definitely very tired.

copy cat :x

Obelisk! But not a portal..... not cleopatra's needle huh.

Serving to the gods.

You know it's jurassic park when you see this.

Luckily didnt sit at the wet zone....... Not ready to get wet haha!

my sorry face.

Come! Strike a pose!


this show a lot of fire and explosion and smoke ><

kaboom! The sparks flying so nice.

Happy ending.

At the far far away castle(?). Actually watched this before in osaka. same one haha


cute ass.

Came here looking for ogres. Door too heavy to be opened!!!

He tries.

I try again. Just won't budge.

squatting outside toilet like a tourist.


Something he ate doesnt agree with him.

The madagascar staff offered to help us take pic. Told us to fold our arms (like the monkey?)

Hungry for food.

Not wasting his drink.


Not his car.

Queuing for more shows. A shadow passing over him.

Wiggle hands.

Hello, you over there! No pic! No pic!!

The shadows very nice. Looks like purposely arranged one.

Simulation of a storm(?) on a movie set. It was quite realistic!

BAAM!! ship just rammed through.

The day i survived the moviestorm. must take pic to commemorate.

All is sunny after the thunderstorm.

Holding the empty world on his shoulder.

*counts the number of chocolate bricks*

Wanted to stand between his legs but cannot :x


The ride we never took.

Trying to capture the flow of water.

Something just zipped past so fast.

A jin is born.

Good to know that they had excellent dentists in those days. Nice sharp teeth!

imagine the meat it could tear. *shivers

A LOL-ing dino.

The next frame is the statue smashing his veg prata thingy on him.

I want a fairy godma too :/

This is actually the nicest pre-show show. because it's by foreign talent.

Tired Person Exhibit A.

Tired Person Exhibit B.

So cute! MEOWWW

Looking from afar doesn't feel any safer.

Looking at life as it whizzes by.

I should stop doing these touristy signs :x

Like, this.

This guy has been hanging around for way too long.

From a treetop, nowhere to go.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye. Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.

The only thing we bought.. lol

Rows and rows of them pins.

The mist very cooling. i like.

Dinner, finally! I dont remember what i ordered...

My riceeeeeeeee!

We know how cold vivo can be. My skin all bumpy.

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