Sunday, July 3, 2011

Picspam for the week.

You know how there are lots of blogs that flood thousands of pics of the blogger in various poses/expressions (actually i think they are all in almost the same pose/expression :x) in one entry. I think mine is also the same. But with food that looks all the same :x LOLLLL okay, this is just an apology for the pic spam below. Pics that i failed to upload little by little for the week ><; Firstly, food that i made… Not appetizing looking at all. But just for the sake of documenting lol. Pardon me, I have a bad memory.

Scallop prawn rice. This reminds me I need to get thai rice!!

uh.. broccoli porridge. Definitely not for people who hates broccoli :x
It was surprisingly yummy hahaha.

Mapo tofu. Added tofu (duh), minced chicken and mushroom. The sauce box said 辛口 but totally not hot one!! BLUFFED ME! Had to add additional layu -_-

Sonny Angel wants to eat my uh.. "chicken rice". Too much water. #RyouriFailed. But the ginger and garlic i added was really good.

Trying to be healthy. Purple rice + mentaiko :9

And a dish of boiled french beans & saya peas (not the saya from Blood+!) with ponzu and a dash of basil. As Dumbledore once said, one can never have enough socks, one can never have enough veg too.

ok. home cooked food over.

The weather was too hot i bought this. For the first time. Quite nice actually lol.

Creeeeepy train tunnel on the asakusa line. Like something is going to jump out at you any moment. I don't even dare to look at this pic lest something does pop up :X

Sorry, more foooood. Coco's curry. Potent stuff. But menu said minced beef + veg curry. WHY ALL POTATO! POTATO IS A ROOT OKAY.

Outside the lift of B. when i went there a second time. wtf the word got cut off…. The X design reminds me of X-men :D

Something to break the series of boring non-human pics :x Changing room at B. from the first visit.

yay. bought a shirt the second time :x And the breads from kobeya are delicious. Mango bread! Let's see… 1856. Nothing worth mentioning. But 1918 was a year of unrest. It marks the end of WWI!

okies, back to food pics. SUKIYA TAKEAWAYS FOR LUNCH <3

And those with family… get to eat family bentos.

Envious. And calpis has got grape drink??????? This will be my quest the next time i visit a supermarket.

My package arrived! After one day ordering from amazon :D

yay yay! Booboo to school for not lending us!

Big ass score right in front of me. Has the effect of making one feels like a Half-Lilliputian.

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