Tuesday, July 5, 2011

phones phones phones 2

Went down to docomo to asked and i was told that the Y315 is basically a monthly change from i-mode to sp-mode because "smart phones dont support i-mode". No change in price from my current i-mode fee.

Data plan is a flat rate of Y5460/month, whether you use or not. The Packet Use-All-You-Want Flat. Up from my current min Y390 - max Y4410/month Packet Use-All-You-Want Double "normal data plan". If i want to use the same rate for smartphone type, the max would be Y5985. So she recommended me the flat rate instead.

It is VERY EASY to reach Y4410 even with minimum data usage because they still count by MB -_- So i guess for a smart phone, a swipe here and there will cost Y5985 in no time.

And this is EXCLUDING the basic fee for i-mode / sp-mode for emails, voice and various hidden charges.
A calculation yielded a bill of more than Y8000 (SGD120) per month just to use a smart phone T_T

A pic is worth a thousand words. So here you go.

The current one i'm using. Packet-Use-All-You-Want Double.

The recommended Packet-Use-All-You-Want Flat.

And something very wtf is… If i were to turn on the wifi tethering on the Galaxy S2, it would start charging me extra, whether or not it is connected to anything else. How the hell do they detect it!?

And the price for it? Almost double the flat rate of Y5460. なんとY10, 395! Freaking SGD156 just to share your internet connection wirelessly!

How it looks like. Proportionally increasing with your blood pressure.

Such greeeeeeedy pigs!!

They're discouraging people do do this, i think because they are already offering portable wifi services. If everyone uses their phones as a mobile hotspot, nobody will want to get those wifi devices for game consoles and whatnots!! And there is no such thing as FREE wifi here. Well… except for some schools and the useless area info in subways that pushes info to you through the "free wifi". Only can receive, cannot surf -_- sg is still soooo lucky got wireless sg. I think it might be cheaper for me to get the portable wifi here - total bill for wifi + phone cheaper by about Y1000 - than to get charged an arm and a leg for a change of phone plan pfft :(((

Damn you Docomo! *shakes fist*

And then there is the tsukiduki support (monthly support) which supposedly gives you discount. You pay less for the phone. Or so they claim. Already factored in the Y8000 bill though.

I don't even understand how it works!

"A service for discounting a fixed amount determined separately for each model off your usage charges each month for a maximum of 24 months counting the month of purchase as the first month."

"The discount is deducted from the total amount for FOMA basic monthly charges, domestic dialing charges, packet flat-rate charges, domestic packet communications charges, and optional service usage charges after various discounts have been applied. If the total amount is less than the discount amount, the amount applicable for discount that month will be treated as the upper limit for discount."

Uh.. huh?

So how does that make me pay lesser for the new phone?

I don't get it. Whether in English or Japanese.

So hard to decide! I think i'll just stick to my keitai!!

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