Sunday, June 12, 2011

PRC strikes again.

pfah. Read this just now.
PRC man boasted about beating up a Malay Singaporean on new citizen forum

A 24 year old PRC man working in Singapore posted a potentially seditious comment in a new citizen forum for mainland Chinese living in Singapore which cast aspersions on the Malay community on 9 June 2011. (read entire post in Chinese here)

 The chinese forum included his apology.
不好意思   各位 我不针对任何人 写心情罢了 想不到竟然那么多人当真。。。我不会挑战任何极端 我只不过用文字发泄心情想不到竟然惹了这么多麻烦 。。。。。再次致歉  舆论是可怕的 我没做任何犯法的事  谢谢
  事实我们就是争执罢了 没有那么严重 现在见了面都会点头致意。。。。如果你说我挑战了新加坡法律 抱歉我没 我对新加坡警察和身边人们的印象还是很好, 新加坡警察帮助过我 教导过我 我周围的人更是给过我很大的帮助 我性格属于那种疾恶如愁 直来直去 所以心情郁闷就用文章来抒发心情 想不到引来这么多好事之人 我不针对任何人 人往往冲动总会犯傻   对大家造成负面的影响我深表歉意       对不起。。。。。。
    我向愤怒的你们致敬 我真不不了解新加坡的网络舆论  请大家不要仇视我了 因为有了法律才能约束我们,但是我不知不觉又触犯了法律 我真的很想就这么去死 给国人 给朋友 给家人 给你们丢脸   
    请大家不要再针对我了   每个人天天都是有压力的压力多了 爆发就失去冷静的大脑    对不起新加坡 对不起新加坡华人同胞 对不起新加坡马来同胞     我真的错了!! 你们就给我一个认错的权利吧 !
  我真的没动过手 只是生气时写的夸张了 警察来查问当事人就可以了 我们现在彼此都还很谦让 对于此帖我深表歉意  我真的不是那种赖皮的人  请大家给次机会帮忙传达下   我向所有愤怒的人鞠躬  我真的错了 因为我们都知道新加坡法律的威严   但是我真的不知道我破坏了它 请大家原谅我!!!
      我只是用文字发泄情绪 但是却伤害了你们 我真的该死啊
Using the moniker of 奈何惹尘埃, he described his experience of nearly knocking down a Malay Singaporean when he was doing his delivery on a particular day in a post titled “新加坡擒狗记

“I was doing a delivery the other day when I nearly knocked down a malay xxx. It saw my vehicle approaching and yet did not give way, and after that still wanted to act cool, and kicked a few boxes off my rack. 

There is a saying, one can bear with shit, but can’t bear with rage. My pride then told me, this xxx is definitely looking for trouble, and I took my wooden stick and angrily storm out of my vehicle, and kicked his ‘bike’ off.” 

(那天下午运货差点撞了个,马来x,蛋子见车来不仅不让路,事后还故装潇洒!脚还贱起来了,一个后蹬蹄把哥货架上的几箱货给踢掉 俗话说屎可忍, 而火不可忍呢也,接着吾骄傲的自尊心告诉我,这x绝对是想找刺激, 吾愤怒的抄起木棒就跳下车,一脚踹飞他的车)

Instead of apologizing for causing an accident, the PRC man stormed out of his vehicle and beat the Malay man with a stick:

“He ran towards another man/boss and thought that he would be alright, I did not care and pressed him on the ground and held onto his throat and gave him a slap, and scolded him using a mixture of English, mandarin and my dialect.”


He ended his rant by calling Singaporeans “retards”:

“Those retards who want to act ‘garang’ , step forward., I come here not to be bullied or insulted — from a true noble Chinese with 5000 years of cultural baptism.”

(装B贩子们尽管站出来 告诉你们哥来新加坡不是当孙子的 是来求虐萩侮辱的- – 正宗的有着5000年中花民族洗礼的高贵的中国人)

According to his biodata posted on the forum, his surname is Zhou and is currently 24 years old. He is born in the city of Wei Hai in Shandong province in northern China.

Mr Zhou’s racist and derogatory comments were applauded by fellow PRC netizens in the forum.

正义神 wrote he really respect him for his ‘violence’: 兄弟你真牛!哥佩服你
Though some netizens advised him to cool down in case he got into trouble with the law, 奈何惹尘埃 retorted callously that he was not stressed a bit and if he is deported by the authorities, he will just say ‘bye bye’ to Singapore. (完全没压力= = 送走就对新加坡说拜拜)

In 2004, two Singaporean bloggers Nicholas Lim and Benjamin Koh were jailed for making racist remarks about the Malay community on their blogs.

Last year, three Singapore students from the Singapore Polytechnic were arrested by the police for making similar remarks about Indians on Facebook.

Singaporeans can take a snapshot of the post from the forum and lodge a police report against this PRC man for making seditious remarks which may disrupt racial harmony in Singapore.

a true noble Chinese with 5000 years of cultural baptism he says?
Then all the more he should be ashamed of himself. With so much history and culture in his DNA and yet still behave like a Neanderthal? It may be 5000 years, but he - and his bad stock of PRCs - did not pick the good qualities and discard the undesirables to improve their worth in this world; they only accumulated 5000 years of rubbish. 残念ですね。

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