Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I can spot empty flattery and know exactly where I stand. But!

So i went to B. for their member double point sale on Sunday and Fukuyama san wasn't there. Some other random staff came to attend to me instead. And she sure has mastered the art of flattery. Now here i tell you, these are the ways to do so.

Compliment one's face.
She brought the two ¾ shorts I wanted to try into the changing room and while we were inside the room, she suddenly said oh, you're good looking. I quickly denied that apologetically(!) and being embarrassed by the unexpected flattery, could only gave her a little laugh before chasing her out of the room. My usual reaction would be to make a joke out of it to diffuse the attention and to change the topic :x But because i donno her at all, i couldn't do it! But i *think* she was being kind to say that in the privacy of a closed off room and not out front where other people can hear and subsequently cause me to die of awkwardness -__-

Make a reference to one's country and the apparent good complexion.

Miss HoneyMouth said So where are you from? Singapore? Ohhh. That explains why you have such nice skin. I was rolling my mind's eyes. Since when Singaporeans are known for our "good skin"????????? Personally, i think they have better complexion than us! Want to give praises also must think logically leh, lady.

Ask about one's age and act(?) surprised at the significantly youthful look when being revealed.
They have some chronic obsession with this. No kidding. Maybe all asians do? haha. I get this a lot so i could foresee where this was heading toward when she asked how old I am. She exclaimed Really?! But usually foreigners look older than their real ages when compared to japanese. And people say japanese are like little kids, childish. So… did she just insult me unwittingly? Or did she simply mean by their standard, i don't even look their age? which means even more kiddish. hmm in a way, this could be an insult!

PS: Today, the foreign student centre staff-in-charge told me that if i were to go 7-11 to buy cigarettes and alcohol (which i dont!) i would be requested to show my ID. Gawd. 大袈裟...

And this, takes the cake that shows it is all fluffy words of flattery:

Praise how well one speaks the language.
She said my japanese is better than hers! Bit over, no? Praising one's language proficiency is ok, for the effect of positive feedback to spur one to work harder. But not so exaggerated until like this! How can a foreigner be better than the average native speaker. you tell me -_- I know my weakness and limits lor.

Still, apparently, her flattery worked its magic on me even though i resisted it outwardly. Guess the inside was inflated a little. Because in the end, i went home with two bottoms and three tops —one T-shirt was for g— that day. And i even went back today to get a similar T-shirt for myself hahaha!

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