Sunday, June 12, 2011


Peektures time!

I love this chaba 2bai milk tea from 午後の紅茶! Find it very much nicer. Richer than the normal milk teas. More fragrant with the tea smell and taste. The jagariko on the left was because i wanted to have something salty LOL But nice, nevertheless.

On seibu ikebukuro line.
erm... is it ok if i were to sit there?
But alas, Dororo couldn't ask them to squeeze a bit.

There were lots of people holding OIOI plastic bags. Turned out that the sale had started! But i didn't go check out what was on sale. Must.. restrain.. There were toooooo many people to be in the mood to browse. Weekend is not a good day to go out. And it was so bloody warm and humid. The aircons in department stores NEVER work the way they should be working: COLD. Or at least, COOL. Always so warm and stuffy in summer. Coupled with the throngs of people, the sweat smell, the 加齢臭 from ojisans (WHY ONLY IN JAPAN MIDDLE AGE/OLD MEN HAVE SUCH FUNKY SMELL?) Argh... Cannot take it already.  

A very interesting curved sliding toilet door. 
Makes the typically very tiny Japanese cubicle bigger to manoeuvre in.

While we are still in this toilet related pic, I want to ask: why do japanese not wash their hands after they finished their business? Donno about the females, but I noticed A LOT of guys don't. And it's not the uncle type ones. The young/hot/cute/10-20s ones also don't. Very eeky leh. After peeing/poopooing, they go straaaaaaiiight out of the door. Some do go to the basin, but to check themselves out in the mirror first before leaving. Not to wash hands. So if you ever met a japanese guy or has a japanese friend, better not touch his hands. Ask him the important question first.

The many uses of wands: Only in Japan you get Harry Potter wand chopsticks to wave food directly into your mouth.

No breakfast today. only late lunch.

A uni year 1 girl was filling in the cafe's part time job resume and having her job interview beside me while i ate. Couldn't help but listen to their conversation :x Provided some entertainment for me. And also a peek at how they conduct informal interviews. 

The interviewer asked so many questions like where she previously worked at, why she quit and got restrictions like cannot colour hair, brown ok, length cannot too long, no hanging earrings blah blah. Then he even used the wrong keigo LOLLLLL. Wait. i dont remember what he said exactly. just that it was wrong. The girl asked for a min wage of Y50, 000 (can ask one meh?) wah. like the kind of money one gets per month for scholarship :x 

ok.. i assumed she was applying for part time coz she said she can work three times a week. Weekends ok. haha. But like very tiring. Past 11pm then can pack up go home. She expressed concern about the last train's timing :x I didnt hear the rest coz by then i had finished eating. So cleared up and left :S Plus, there was a couple of females seated opposite me - i think they were foreigners also. chinese or taiwanese - The grouchy looking one kept turning and looking under my table. Like looking at my shoes or something. Did she see something that i couldnt? Like... toshio from juon?!? Very annoying, to say the least =_=

Pokemon bread. So cute lol. 

Bought the bread coz it was so cute. Not because I wanted to eat it hahaha.
It comes in vanilla or strawberry flavour, featuring different pokemons. Maybe there are other flavours like chocolate, but i only saw two *shrugs* It came with a translucent sticker thingy for pasting on glass (like window) so that it can be seen from either side of the glass. Recommended for pokemon fans age 1-100.

Spiderman under the light.

Had to run off after taking this pic coz it started to rain a little :O 
I almost thought he peed on me -__-
Wait. Spiders can pee de ma?

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