Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland revisit

At a perfume shop inside Disneyland yesterday, where chikako's friend is working at and along came in two tourists, looked around and started to ask her friend something in broken english (from whatever bits of words that floated into my ears, i couldn't understand them at all).

I assumed her friend could speak since she's working at disneyland. Must have at least some basic level of understanding for communication mah, right? (even though i also couldn't get them)

lol. as we were looking on, chikako asked me to help her friend. Stepped forward, took a glance and they looked chinese so i asked if they needed any help. They looked surprised and asked me why could I speak mandarin -_-;;;; Told them i'm Singaporean xD

Turned out they wanted to look for mens' perfume... And also they were looking for a phone booth that could make international calls. I felt like an interpreter, albeit a failed one coz when chikako's friend replied through me, I relaid to them in japanese and then realising my mistake, hastily corrected it back to mandarin :x

After a while they even looked around in the shop and asked me what the products were (since they couldn't read). Chikako reminded me to tell them that i was also a visitor there.... errr.

It was an interesting encounter. She said, oh you've made yourself useful ne! *laugh*

30th anniversary celebration. And also my second halloween at Disneyland!

The friend said there are hidden mickey(s) in here. Look for them!

Forgot who took this photo. Grainy is good hahaha.

It was very hot. But luckily less hot than in summer. That lens flare(?) makes for an interesting effect on the photo.

Here's a cute Eeyore which g said "dusty", meaning "no buy" Orz

Every time i go to Disneyland i must fight the urge to buy one of these dust-collectors or those memorabilia that are limited to the celebration period (like that vampire mickey or mickey-in-a-coffin-shaped-chocolate-tin-can)

Only bought these, as usual. I should have gotten more!!! I love rice crackers and anything to do with Alice in Wonderland.

Nowadays i make it a point not to buy those in metal cans. Nice but piling up at home :x And since I'm not like "on holiday" like many foreigner san who visit disneyland, I have lost the "MUST SWEEP THEM ALL INTO THE PURCHASE BASKET LIKE IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!" compulsion. I guess this is a good thing?

I think i want to go again this december with g for christmas/new year. The last time we went for christmas was a few years ago. Maybe disneysea instead ^_^ (← secret thoughts)

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