Monday, January 9, 2012

Singapore Food Makan Time! シンガポール料理店にて

On one of the last few days of dec last year, I met up with ueda san and visiting seki san for a… uniquely singapore dinner, both of which i got to know as colleagues when in singapore. Still have a habit of calling them sensei though :x Place was decided by ueda san since we all agreed on having sg food.

Shadows by ueda san, she purposely blocked!

This vietnam beer 333 is pronounced "baabaabaa" LOL バーバーバビール

Have tiger beer leh. 虎ビール? LOL

sambal kangkong 馬來風光!! Like this!

Counter seats available. Christmassy feel with that white christmas tree.

Behind me. What's with the chinese lantern...

Singapore sling. First time drinking this omg. I so suaku.
They said this was exactly the same from raffles hotel, the glass.

The green one is nicer!!!!! As they say everyone's food always look and taste better than what you've ordered orz.

Not cereal prawns but just butter prawns.
Still nice though. NO 脳味噌 (yellow prawn brain stuff) for me please! it's eeky =_=

Hokkien mee T_T
But the noodle and taste bit wrong :/

All act shy use camera to block HAHAHA

Fried kway teow.
This one is damn fail. Wrong colour. Hard and dry... >_<

The best is this chicken rice!

Taken with iphone. salivating now...

Dessert. Love the coconut ice cream. Not so much about the durian one. Tea was... normal tea?
The menu says "coconut ice", i thought ice kachang :x

The very yummy ピーナツ最中 from ueda san!

Proper shot of Ueda san + Seki san.

2nd time meet up with seki san~
Deta.. The v(^_^)v Must be me .___.)

1st time meet up with ueda san~~

Aptly named lol.


Overall, food wise, this is not the best/authentic tasting sg food place I had. The one at Akasaka still nicer!! And they both agree with me since they have stayed in singapore for some time.


  1. Like the purple cardigan (is that the right name?), goes well with the white shirt!

  2. it's actually a blue cardigan. Like cookie monster's fur lol. Or doraemon, the first thing japanese think of when they see it .__.


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